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Guidelines on How to Rewrite an Article

Even though our writers can deliver premium-quality work when rewriting your articles, it is still essential for you to know how it’s done. Not only will it help you learn how our writers work, but it will also allow you to learn more about the process of rewriting an article like a professional, so you may do it by yourself later.

Here’s a list of guidelines to follow:


First off, you must know what the article is about. Most articles come with a title and an introduction, enough to understand what the material wants to talk about. The first thing you need to do when rewriting an article is to make sure how the topic is addressed and how the original writer wanted to explain the topic. It could be explanative, descriptive, argumentative or by definition. A good rewriter sticks to the same subject and type of writing unless told otherwise. This will help to make it easier and much more accurate.


Articles can be written in many ways and styles, and that’s all about meeting a specific target or audience. For example, conversational tone with an informal style is the most common for blog articles – as it is easier to understand and targeted to a general audience. Research articles, on the contrary, use a more formal writing with an academic tone, so people with background knowledge can understand it effectively and with more depth. No matter the topic, you must know what the article wants to portray, how, and why. Then, you can write accordingly using the proper tone and style – for a more efficient and accurate rewrite.


Critical to every time you’re trying to rewrite an article and a pretty good reason to rewrite as well. You may need to enlarge or shorten a material, whether it is to add or eliminate information – but no matter the reason to do it, the length needs to be considered so you can plan ahead how you’re going to make it work. If for example, you need to rewrite a 1000-word article and make it 500 words, you will have to eliminate a lot of info. But on the contrary, if what you need to do is to enlarge a 500-word article and make it 1000 words, you will have to incorporate much more content. Consider the length, plan accordingly and make it possible without problems.


Especially when you are not an expert on the article’s subject, you must do an investigation so you can understand and learn more about what the article is talking about. Something most people forget is that having an idea about something doesn’t make it real, never. So, it is vital to research the subject before putting anything in paper. This way you can avoid unrelated, false, and inaccurate information. Actually, rewriting an article because the content is wrong is one of the most common causes to rewrite. So, if you don’t want anyone else rewriting what you are rewriting or eventually having to rewrite again because you write about something that is not correct – just do your research, it takes time but it’s totally worth it.


Do as if you were writing an article for the first time, use drafts. It is a way of planning your article and the same time to find the most effective way to do it. Using summaries, or at least one, will make the text a lot better entirely, especially when you are committed to doing it well. A draft makes it easier to spot badly presented ideas, it will also help to find the perfect style and eventually make it much easier to follow with a better structure and construction. Get to write at least one draft before the official rewriting, and you’ll see how much you can spot.


Scan the article, look for mistakes, and check for poorly written sentences and wrong ideas. Make sure everything is in place and correctly presented, and that it is entirely improved from the original article. The primary purpose of rewriting is to enhance the content, more than just enlarging or shortening, it is to make it look better than before, that it is easier to understand, and more efficient. When you finish writing, always remember to check for anything that could be uncomfortable to read, hard to follow, or just wrong. Then, after you’ve made sure everything is in the right place – you will have rewritten like a professional.

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