Effective Turning Statements into Questions – Tips, Methods & Help

Statements and Questions: What Are They?

Before we consider how to turn a statement into a question, we need to understand the fundamental definitions of statements and questions. A statement implies an assertion that someone is or is not the case. The statement is true if its assertion is the case and false if the assertion is not the case.

On the other hand, a question implies a phrase or sentence intended to elicit information or a response. It is a formulation expressed in a way that requires an answer. It can also be referred to as an interrogative sentence. Questions can be polar (yes/no), wh- form (what, where, who, when, and why), and alternative (choice or disjunctive).

Why We Need to Turn Statements into Questions in Academic Writing

Evidence shows that questions demonstrate the dialogic nature of effective academic writing. They allow the writer to invoke the reader’s direct involvement and engage them. This narrative form also addresses the reader’s interests, perceptions, and needs, making them feel that their opinions count. That’s why having questions in your academic writing and the need to set statements into questions are essential.

Academic writing is generally governed by questioning. Papers written in such a way in mind or with problems that need solving tend to be more impactful. When writing your essay and you realize that you don’t have enough such sentences to bring out a conversational tone in your narration, you can turn a few statements. If you don’t know how to turn a question into a statement, visit our dependable website, where you can request professional assistance from experienced academic writers.

Turning Questions into Statements Examples Manually

There’re many ways to turn statements into questions and back, so you can try some of them to simplify your work:

  • Remove ‘do,’ ‘does,’ and ‘did’

You can transform your question to statement by removing words like do, does, and did from the start of the sentence. In most cases, questions start with one of these three words. So, to turn such sentences, there’s often only a need to remove the said words from the start of the sentence.

Will they meet again? -> They will meet again.

  • Try to move helping verbs if any

If you want to convert question to statement and back, get used to patterns of the helping verbs. The helping verbs often include ‘has,’ ‘have,’ and ‘had.’ They can include words like should, would, could, might, or may. Before turning the statement, reread it to check whether it has any helping verbs.

Has a doctor helped him so much? -> A doctor has helped him so much.

  • Remove question words

Sentences in the English language often take one of several forms and are mostly centered around the verbs’ to be’ and ‘to do,’ phrases ‘are there’ and ‘is there,’ and interrogative adjectives and pronouns, as well as words like ‘how,’ ‘where,’ ‘what,’ ‘why,’ who,’ ‘why,’ and ‘which.’ So there’re many turning questions into statements examples, where we only need to remove these words. In this case, ensure you’ll get the correct verb order, and don’t forget to unplagiarize rewritten sentences before publishing the paper.

When are you going back from vacation? -> You are going back from vacation.

What Else You Need to Consider

If you explore statements and questions in your paper and realize that you have too many of them, don’t worry. These constructions are a fantastic way to introduce topics and keep content relevant to readers. They grab attention and make readers a part of your writing.

However, asking too many questions may leave readers feeling unsure whether they will get the information they need from your writing. You are the expert – reading your paper should show you know what you are writing about, so you must carefully operate writing constructions.

We know it takes time, effort, and patience to change question to statement and back manually. Still, you may miss some critical elements if you go through the process yourself. This is why working with efficient turning services is ideal. You save time and end up with quality work.

How to Convert Question into Statement Online

Sometimes, you may need to find ways to convert question into statement online to show your mastery of the topic and inspire confidence in your writing. It can save time significantly, especially if too many constructions are required to be transformed. However, the challenge comes when you want to rewrite text without losing the original message and without needing to start writing your sentences afresh.

Removing common construction words can be insufficient to change question into statement effectively. In addition, turning sentences must increase the text’s authority, letting your readers know you already know the answer, so sometimes it is pretty challenging to remake the text correctly. Thus, if you need help turning statements into questions, you can entrust this task to expert rewriters to deliver top-notch quality without losing the original message.

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