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Why Do I Need to Rewording My Paper?

A lot of content is produced all over the world, every day. When you produce content, you find some well-written content but you cannot copy that exactly, as someone else has written them. So, you need to find examples.

Many people ask, why do I need help to reword my paper? The answer is simple, we are living in an internet age. I need to publish my academic work on different online forums, if I will publish the same doc, again and again, it will be caught as plagiarism.

Statistics on How Many Students Are Accused of Plagiarism Based on Turnitin Checks

A large number of students are accused of plagiarism, all over the world. According to a report, in the UK alone, almost 60,000 students are accused of Plagiarism and serious actions are taken against them, including expulsion, reduction in grades, etc. In this situation, to know how to reword a paper becomes more important.

Nearly 80% of students admit that they have copied the work of others and software like Turnitin don’t make any mistakes in detecting them. The number of accused students may vary in different countries, but the fact is that people copy from the other sources, when they cannot write themselves or they are unable to find the proper words, in this case, they need assistance.

How Turnitin Works and What Should You Do to Beat It?

Turnitin is a software with a large database of texts. It is not a typical plagiarism checker, rather it just finds the matching text. When you upload a file, it searches for a similar document in its database, detects the matched files and displays those files. Usually, the educational institution gets the membership of Turnitin to check the papers and assignments of their students. This is how it works and how a student is being accused of plagiarism. Usually matching text is displayed on the percentage scale. A high percentage means, more text is copied from the sources.

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What we can do to avoid plagiarism? The answer is to reword a paper. If you are taking information from any other source, for your document, instead of inserting it as it is. You can get the assistance of a professional writer if you need it. When you do it on your own, it is not detected by Turnitin as copied text and you can save yourself from being accused of plagiarism.

5 Helpful Steps You Need to Take to Be as a Real Pro

  • As the first step you have to read the text carefully, either it is your own content or you are retelling someone else works. When you start rewording a paper, read it carefully and understand the meaning of the words. If you cannot understand a few words, look for their meanings in the dictionary.
  • After that start writing the content in your own words and make sure that you don’t use the words from the original content, rather use similar words or synonyms. However, using synonyms is not enough, you have to change the structure of the sentence.
  • Make sure you have conveyed all the main points. The main idea of the original text should be intact. The meaning of the text should not be changed, you have to narrate it in different words only.
  • If the sentences in the original text are long, it will be difficult for you. In this case, try to break these long sentences into short ones.
  • It’s good to add your own writing style. Everyone has a unique writing style. It will strengthen your own writing and make the rephrased document a unique one, without any plagiarism.

Top 15 Bullet List Guide on Rewording a Paper

When I start rewording my paper, it seems I cannot do it ever. Once you start writing, you start understanding things. There are few things which you must avoid.

Here is a little guide for you, which will help you:

  • Read the text carefully first. Reading the entire text in one go will give you an idea that what the document is about and what are the results and conclusion.
  • After that start writing. Avoid reading the passage after every line.
  • Don’t replace the words with their synonyms. You have to change the structure of the sentence as well. Replacing with synonyms will not help.
  • Avoid the use of words, which are used in the original text. Change the structure of the sentence and use some other words.
  • Try to write content, as if you are narrating it to someone else.
  • Make sure you keep the original idea, don’t change the conclusion or results of the document.
  • After writing a sentence read it again and make sure that the message you are trying to convey is properly conveyed.
  • If the sentences are long, split them into many short ones.
  • Make sure you are not missing any details when you reword a paper. Each and every detail is important and that must be included in the new document.
  • Everyone has a unique writing style, write in your own words in your own style, that will make your document more acceptable for your readers and you will be able to polish your writing abilities.
  • You can use the quotes when it’s extremely necessary however use quotation marks and proper citation for that.
  • If you find some confusing statements in the doc, try to write them properly and clearly. If you can’t understand them, get some help. Don’t leave it, as it might be something important.
  • Once you are done, read it again and make sure there are no spelling or other mistakes. The sentence structure should also be proper. You can show it to someone else too.
  • To make sure, you can use any online plagiarism tool too. The percentage will tell you the extent of copied content. If the percentage is high, you have to make more changes in your document.
  • When you are done with the text, it’s very important to cite the sources.

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How Our Professionals Can Help You: Types of Documents?

We have a team of professionals, who can help you in a number of ways. They are highly qualified and well trained for the job. This is a difficult task, which they do every day. They have vast experience in the field and that is the reason, they can do this job in a very short time. Our experts can help you in a number of ways:

  • Thesis: A number of students and professionals reach us with such requests. They want to publish their thesis or use it for some other purpose.
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  • Content: No matter, what kind of help you need, we are here to help you. All you have to do is to contact us and our trained professionals will do it with great accuracy.

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A number of services are available online, you might ask what are the benefits which we offer to our clients. Here are just a few of them:

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Instead of being accused of plagiarism, it’s better to get assistance from our professionals!
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