How to Unplagiarize My Paper to Avoid Turnitin Detection? | Full Guide

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When you start asking, how to rewrite sentences, that means you understand what the plagiarism is. However, if we try to understand the term, it’s the use of someone’s words or idea without mentioning his name, or as if they are yours. It is also called as literary theft. It is like stealing someone else words and is a serious offence. To avoid this, you can hire sentence rewriter online.

When you request someone “unplagiarize my work”, you should be very clear that why do you need it. You need unplagiarize content, not to get detected by the software like Turnitin. You need unplagiarizing assistance to publish your paper or any other document. You need to unplagiaring paper to get academic credibility. Unplagiarizing is about rewording a content in such a way that it does not has any resemblance with the original content. Unplagiarizing papers is not an easy job and you might need unplagiarize help.

Why Does Plagiarism Rewording Matter?

Many people do not take plagiarism seriously, but actually, it really matters. Plagiarism is against the etiquettes of academics. It destroys the academic reputation of researchers and students. Holding intellectual honesty and transparency is very important. A person, who has generated an idea should get due respect. So, it’s very important to cite the others’ work properly, even unintentional plagiarism should not be allowed to protect the scholar identity and integrity. It is very important to avoid plagiarism, as when you are studying in college or university you are supposed to be an independent thinker and should be able to produce quality content without paraphrasing someone else work. Moreover, when you are able to write on your own, you feel confident and you can produce good quality research papers, which increases your worth in academic circles.

Plagiarism is present in many forms. Here are some common forms of plagiarism:

  • Direct plagiarism. In this type of plagiarism, a person quotes someone else work, word to word, without quotation marks. He makes no changes in the quoted text, this is called direct plagiarism and considered as a severe form of plagiarism and needs serious action to be taken.
  • Using the internet as a source. When the internet is used as a source and information is collected from a website and copied in the document, without any change. The source of information is not properly cited in this case.
  • Paraphrasing. Alteration of few words in someone else work is called paraphrasing. The author is not acknowledged and by making few changes his work is used without any reference. It’s important to reword to avoid plagiarism.
  • Inaccurate citation. It is another form of plagiarism, when an author does not properly mention the sources, or those sources are mentioned which are not actually consulted.

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Interesting Statistics on How Turnitin Works

Turnitin is widely used to check the validity of the papers. According to 2010 reports, the number of teachers using Turnitin was nearly one million and the number of students using this software is even more. It has users from 126 countries all over the world.

Turnitin is available in 10 languages for its users. According to an estimate, Turnitin has processed nearly 200, 000 papers in a single day. When a paper is submitted, it compares it with more than 135 million papers, which are previously submitted. Other than that, a paper is compared with more than 13 billion web pages too.

How to Avoid Turnitin Detection by Properly Paraphrasing the Text

Unplagiarize my paper is the key if you want to avoid being detected by Turnitin. How to unplagiarize a paper might be your next question. The answer is, if you paraphrase the text properly, you can avoid plagiarism. In other words, reword to avoid plagiarism. You can request plagiarism rewording online and ask them to unplagiarize my essay or reword my paper. If you don’t want to take help, you can do the paraphrasing yourself too. However, you should do it very carefully. It is not about replacing the words with their synonyms, rather you have to write a new sentence with unique structure and words. Plagiarism rewording will not serve the purpose.

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15 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Doing Plagiarism Rewording

When it comes to unplagirizing papers, people do some very common mistakes. Here are some of them, which should be avoided:

  • When you unplagiarize text, you should not replace the words with synonyms. It will not serve the purpose and the text will be caught for plagiarism.
  • Many people go for sentence by sentence rewording, that is another big mistake that should be avoided.
  • Another mistake is to miss some key points and at the end paper makes no sense, as you have missed some important ideas.
  • When you unplagiarize essay, you try to keep the same length. No, the length of the rephrased document can vary from the original document.
  • While rephrasing, people usually don’t care for the sentence structure, that’s wrong. Rephrasing should be done with proper sentence structure.
  • People usually quote phrases or sentences form the original content without using quotation marks, that is also incorrect.
  • The main idea of the paper is not conveyed properly in unplagiarized content, which is a mistake.
  • Quoting proper references at the end is very essential, even if you have rephrased your paper, but people usually don’t do it.
  • Sometimes the rephrased sentences do not make any sense, it should be avoided.
  • Many students used online tools for rephrasing, which usually do not work.
  • Another common mistake is not to review the document after completion.
  • After completing run your document through a plagiarism tool, instead of submitting it.
  • Spelling mistakes should be avoided during rephrasing the document.
  • Students avoid getting help from a senior or teacher, which is also a mistake.
  • People try to remove the plagiarism by copying someone else’s style, which should be avoided.

Our professionals say that if you want to unplagiarize your content, you should do it carefully. Read a paragraph, understand, what it says and start writing the idea in your own words. Avoid the use of those words which are part of original text and change the sentence structure to make it a unique content. Spelling mistakes should also be avoided.

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15 Powerful Tips on How to Unplagiarize My Paper

Wondering how to unplagiarize a document to avoid Turnitin? Check out the following plagiarism rewording tips for help:

  • Read the entire text carefully first and try to grab the original ideas.
  • Don’t rephrase paper sentence by sentence, rather read a paragraph and start writing it in your own words.
  • Don’t replace the words with synonyms.
  • Change the complete sentence structure of the paper. If you cannot do it find sentence rewriter online.
  • You should learn how to rewrite sentences well, that is the key to unplagirize my essays.
  • Make sure you do completely unique rewriting, keeping original ideas intact.
  • Give your paper your writing touch, making it a unique document.
  • If you need to quote something from the original document, quote it my using proper quotation marks.
  • If you will write properly, you can avoid issues with copying, which people usually face.
  • Try not to miss any important idea or point to keep the integrity of the paper.
  • Review each and every paragraph after writing it and correct the mistakes.
  • After completing read the whole document carefully and remove errors.
  • Make sure there are no spelling and sentence structure mistakes.
  • Cite the references properly, wherever necessary.
  • Request a senior or teacher to review the paper for you.

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