How to Rewrite Website Content without Plagiarizing: 5 Ways

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The web dominates all areas of learning. Dive into it and you’ll see the treasure trove of information open to anyone. The internet is filled with so much information, that some people don’t even bother digging for deeper information anymore. Just a quick search and you will already see the most relevant result. When you browse the web, you encounter information that seems very peculiar and interesting. So, you highlight the words and paste it on word document for printing. Wait, stop right there.

What you just did is an act of plagiarism. If you were thinking of quoting the website, there is a proper way to do that. Still, in rewriting content from other sites, copy and pasting its contents make you look like you steal the information and use it as your own. Because of this, many people were incarcerated. You don’t what to fall into what they did, too. As such, you need to avoid plagiarism as much as you can. There is a way to avoid such a crime. You can always try to rewrite my content.

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How to Rewrite a Website Content

You need to arrange the words in a new order. Doing this prompts you to think of other ways to express the idea itself. What you should do is to take the sentence and it’s idea. Next is you say it in your own words. Because of this, paraphrasing is now a very broad subject matter. There is no definite way to correctly rearrange a sentence. However, since it is an art, you will be able to create more masterfully.

Here are some reminders when paraphrasing. Keep them in mind to avoid plagiarism:

  • Use different words. Synonyms do wonders.
  • For an easy access, you can just translate sentences and ideas written in passive voice to active voice.
  • Still, mention the source of your information.
  • Avoid copying whole phrases. Make use of other words
  • Do not build an issue with copywriting

Quote the site

Most of the time, people who write content off the internet are stolen from. This may come from the failure to attribute the information to them or lack of a good paraphrase service. It may also rise from the inability to paraphrase correctly. Some people, however, cannot paraphrase as well as others do. If that is the case, you should learn how to rewrite a website content. What you have to do is to enclose their statement in quotation marks. This makes you use the power and efficiency of the statement without ever plagiarizing.

When you quote, never forget to do the things listed below. It will definitely save you:

  • Don’t ever forget to put words that attribute it to the writer. Words like “he said”, “according to”, and other words.
  • If you were asked to follow different citation styles, do follow them.
  • Don’t blindly quote. Make sure you get the whole idea. Many people make use of incorrect quotation, bringing more confusion to the idea.

Link their site in your content

One good way of building camaraderie as well as content is to link other sites when you are rewriting website. Well, this may also be in the form of quotations but in a more subtle manner. When you link their sites to yours, you actually give them more traffic. Most of the time, the more traffic they have, the more sales happen. They will thank you for it, if done correctly.

how to rewrite a website content

You can describe a statement or a study. A writer then has to say that he got the source from this particular link. This helps you avoid plagiarism big time. You also give the other sites a reason to check your site out.

When you link sites when rewriting a paper, you should follow some important things. They are as follows:

  • Attribute and mention the name of your source.
  • Don’t forget to copy and use the EXACT link where you found the study.
  • Don’t expound it yourself. Let their site do it. This saves you space for more information on the content you are making.

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Use different words

There is such thing as “partial plagiarism” or something of the sort. This is where you copy the phrase or the words and ideas without changing them. The mistake is particularly worse when you forget to attribute to the writer him or herself. As such, you should always use other synonyms to words.

Take the idea “time is gold” for example. You can use context clues to define this idea or sentence. Of course, this idea should be carefully explained in your own article. Instead of saying “Time is gold” you can always say that “seconds matter”. This way, you avoid plagiarism and you tackle the weakness of the original source.

As people who use different words, remember the following. It will help you govern your rewording skills.

  • Never use the same word in the same sentence. You should also avoid using it in the next two sentences. This will give you enough variation to not be boring.
  • Identify the meanings and connote the ideas. Say it all in your own words.
  • Use more powerful synonyms to drive the meaning home.

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Get the meaning and essence of the paragraph

When you rewrite content for my website or do the rewriting a story to avoid plagiarism, you need to capture the essence of the source. This means you really need to understand the idea. Also, massive content rewriting prompts you to read the source, again and again, to make sure you net the meaning.

As such, do a paragraph sentence change. Use a reliable paraphrasing service. Not the words nor the sentences, but the paragraphs themselves. If you can, try to summarize two paragraphs into one coherent passage. You save space this way and you eliminate wordiness at the same time. You need to make sure to do plagiarism check for once it’s discovered, damage has already been done.

help rewrite content for my website

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