How to Rewrite an Article

Tips on How to Rewrite an Article

Here are a few tips that will help you to rewrite content without plagiarising.

Copy Ideas Instead of Words

Copy ideas instead of words. When you’re rewriting articles, the aim is not to copy words – the aim is to copy ideas.

Instead of focusing on how the original writer composed their sentences or what words they used, focus instead on their ideas. Familiarise yourself with the meaning, and understand exactly what the writer is saying here.

Rewrite Paragraph by Paragraph

Rewrite paragraph by paragraph. A lot of people fall into the trap of rewriting sentence by sentence. But this is bad practice and will improve the likelihood of plagiarism.

Instead, read chunks of text and rewrite them. When your mind has more words to process, it’s less likely to copy them word for word. Instead, it will be focused on extracting the ideas as opposed to the words.

Add Your Own Ideas

Add your own ideas. If while rewriting the article you experience a lightbulb moment whereby you think of something 100% fresh to the article, you should totally go ahead and add it.

Don’t limit yourself by relying wholly on the original text. If you have something to add that will improve the text, don’t be afraid to add it. Adding more will also help to distinguish your article from the original.

How to Re Write Articles from Another Website

Whether we like it or not, article rewriting is just part and parcel of content writing in 2016, it’s not rewriting history. In a perfect world, perfect content writers would be able to come up with fabulous articles from scratch without relying on other content for inspiration.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Instead, we live in one where time is everything and rewriting content is essential if you want to keep up with your competitors.

how to rewrite an articleRewrite the Article

The problem with rewriting articles is that you have to make sure that yours isn’t too similar to the original text. If it is, you’re going to be guilty of plagiarism.

One solution is to find LOTS of new information that wasn’t included in the original text. This will prove difficult, though, as most of the info will already have been included.

It will also be exhausting and time-consuming to come up with lots of new information.

The second – and easiest – a solution is to rewrite the article with a rephraser online in such a way that you’re paraphrasing without plagiarising.

Paraphrasing means that you’re turning the whole article into your own words while retaining the core meaning. You aren’t copying and pasting, but are instead crafting a new piece in your own voice that was inspired by the original piece.

But how do you do this?

rewriting history infographics

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Guidelines to Help You Work with Plagiarism Rewriter

To sum up, here are some helpful guidelines you should keep in mind whenever you’re rewriting content:

  • Read the text through until you fully understand it
  • Hide the text away while you rewrite it – this will reduce the risk of plagiarism
  • Compare the two articles to see how they match up
  • Make edits if necessary
  • Always run your rewritten article through a plagiarism checker
  • Never rewrite sentence by sentence

If you can’t rewrite the article by yourself we will help you with it!
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