How to Avoid Plagiarism Detection: a Trickster’s Guide

plagiarism tricks and tips

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The major thing we mostly forget about copying any quote or line in our writings is to add citations. This is the major mistake that can easily turn the whole unique draft into the unoriginal text detected. People who don’t do it intentionally and add the copied text mistakenly should know about the major tricks of detecting the plagiarism.

After reading the given tricks, you shall not ask it again from anybody that how to avoid plagiarism detection.

  • Read the whole draft that you’re going to rephrase but don’t attempt to write any line exactly given in it.
  • If you’re bound to add any quote or saying without making any modifications, the best way is to cite it before rectifying other issues.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the subject by clearing all the major concepts in it. Write the text in your own words. If you‘ve good command over English language, then it will quite easy to do for you.
  • All the sources that you imitate from anywhere must be shared with references. Never forget to add the link or name of author with the copied content.
  • You must have full knowledge about plagiarism. This means that one should be fully aware of all types of plagiarism. In this way, you would be able to distinguish the types and different forms of plagiarism.

Few Examples of Finding Plagiarism Tricks

Plagiarism is not all about copying the content word to word. Stealing the meaning of content is also considered as part of plagiarism. Changing the words of existing text, paraphrase it or copying the ideas are also counted similar to plagiarism. You need to know about plagiarism tricks and how to rewrite an article.

For instance, see the original paragraph

“The legal system is made up of civil courts, criminal courts and specialty courts such as family law courts and bankruptcy court. Each court has its own jurisdiction, which refers to the cases that the court is allowed to hear. In some instances, a case can only be heard in one type of court. For example, a bankruptcy case must be heard in a bankruptcy court. In other instances, there may be several potential courts with jurisdiction. For example, a federal criminal court and a state criminal court would each have jurisdiction over a crime that is a federal drug offense but that is also an offense on the state level”

The one with few changes in words or paraphrasing.

“The legal system is comprised of criminal and civil courts and specialty courts like bankruptcy and family law courts. Every one of the courts is vested with its own jurisdiction. Jurisdiction means the types of cases each court is permitted to rule on. Sometimes, only one type of court can hear a particular case. For instance, bankruptcy cases an be ruled on only in bankruptcy court. In other situations, it is possible for more than one court to have jurisdiction. For instance, both a state and federal criminal court could have authority over a criminal case that is illegal under federal and state drug laws”

How to avoid plagiarism detection? If you’re facing trouble of getting plagiarized content repeatedly, you simply need to read this guide to learn the way of avoiding it!
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