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It is difficult to write and it is true that not all people have the skills on it. Some people are only good at talking while some are only good at writing and know how to rewrite sentences. For people out there having difficulties in writing or perhaps struggling in rewriting, they are lucky to have online service.

How to Paraphrase in Academic Writing: List of Rewriting Rules

Paraphrasing is a vast field that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are various ways of rewriting the content in academic writing. You won’t ask again how to paraphrase in academic writing after reading such steps to help you rewrite your story.

  • Read the whole paragraph before rewriting the content. Keep it in the mind and write every word by turning it into 100% unique text.
  • You can do it sentence by sentence. However, the best way is to read the paragraph and then making adjustments in it.
  • If you are good in vocabulary, you can use the synonymous words by reading the existing content.
  • The passive voice sentences can also be used. However, it is not considered as a standard way of rewriting the academic paper.

The rules for rewriting:

  • Writing the active voice sentences is the major rule for paraphrasing. Many readers don’t find it appealing to read the text full of passive voice sentences.
  • Text rewriter online is likely to show you reworded phrases, don’t forget to link the ideas by using conjunction i.e. so, yet, or, but, nor, and, for.
  • Always use commas for combining two different concepts as the one.
  • Serial comma in the list must be used in an appropriate way.
  • There is no compromise in the use of tenses. Use the present perfect and past perfect tenses on most of the places.

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If you don’t know how to rewrite a sentence it is not bad to choose online service because it helps people but it is essential to make a good choice. While there are numerous online services available, not all of them are the perfect choice because some of them ask ash when it comes to their services. Some of them ask for low price but the quality is guaranteed which means they should be the one you should find. Regardless, checking out the service is what you should do because when you have the best, they will work with you to the fullest.

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