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What Is Paraphrasing and Why Do We Use It?

Paraphrasing is simply repeating what another has said or written in your own words. However, simply knowing how to rewrite an article may not be the best way to describe the process as many people struggle with it. Many will make some serious mistakes with their paraphrasing and it may even result in jokes rewriting a paper which may not be a good way of getting the grades that you need.

We paraphrase for many different reasons. Within academic work we will often refer to what others have discovered and written and will want to put their thoughts into our own words to show that we understand the meaning and to maintain the style of writing in our paper. We also paraphrase to simplify or improve writing and also to target different audiences. Another reason for rewriting a piece of text is simply to avoid any issues with plagiarism or copying. When we paraphrase we will always seek to maintain the full meaning of the original text. Paraphrasing is not the same as summarizing where we will only seek to repeat the most relevant or important points from the original. It also seeks to change all of the original words so that you will only use your own wording. Getting this wrong however can lead to many forms of funny paraphrasing mistakes.

How to Paraphrase and Avoid Jokes Rewriting a Paper

Hilarious rewriting jokes will not always go down well, especially if you are rewriting something that is serious or important such as a personal statement or your resume. Humor is not always appropriate so you have to ensure that you don’t unintentionally include it within your rewriting due to poor paraphrasing.

The following tips will help you to better understand how to paraphrase and how to avoid that embarrassing paraphrasing funny:

  • Always read the source carefully so that you are sure you fully understand the original. Paraphrasing is about repeating the meaning of the original writing and not a task through which you will simply change some words for synonyms or rearrange the order of a sentence.
  • Make careful notes of each and every point that is raised in the source text but use your own words for the notes. If there is something that you will repeat verbatim ensure that you highlight it within your notes so that you do not miss that it is a direct quotation.
  • Arrange your notes into a logical sequence for your rewriting. It is not always necessary to repeat all of the points in the same order as the original as long as you maintain the same overall meaning. Often there will be an alternative or even better way to organize the points.
  • Rewrite the text by referring only to your notes. Leaving some time between reading the original and your rewriting as this will help you not to repeat any of the original text as it will be less fresh in your mind.
  • Check the rewritten text: always compare so that you can be sure that the rewritten text is different to the original. If you have quoted any of the original text ensure that it is enclosed within inverted commas and cited. Also carefully proofread so that there are no errors in the writing.

expert paper writing humorWhat Are the Main Mistakes That You Could Make When Rewriting?

Rephrasing paper humour is not the only issue when you conduct your own rewriting. Often there are many other mistakes that you could end up making and these must be avoided with care if you are not to get yourself potentially in some serious trouble:

  • Not understanding the source material: you are seeking to explain the meaning of the source in your own words. This is impossible if you do not understand the original work.
  • Failing to write for your audience: when you rewrite something you are usually targeting a specific audience not simply changing the words for the sake of it. Consider your audience and what they want to know before you start your rewriting.
  • Not changing enough of the words: plagiarism can get you in some serious trouble so you must ensure that your rewritten text is substantially different to the original. Using online plagiarism testers can help to ensure that you have done this.
  • Putting emphasis on the wrong information: often the source will have an underlying theme that you will be looking to communicate and you must ensure that you maintain the same emphasis as the original.
  • Producing work that is full of errors: just as with any original writing you must carefully check to ensure that the work does not contain spelling or grammatical errors.

Paper Paraphrasing Humour Mistakes

So what can go wrong that can result in paper writing humor? The main driver of rephrasing puns is that of simply changing words for synonyms. Many people and also software will simply go through a piece of work and swap one word for a synonym. Many however will fail to truly consider how close a word is to the original meaning and how it fits with the original sentence as a whole.

Many words have multiple meanings so selecting the wrong one can simply change the meaning of the wording completely or make it nonsense. In some cases however it can produce paraphrasing jokes that may be funny to read if it is not your own writing such as calling someone “the rapist” rather than a “therapist”. Many have innocently changed words for synonyms only to use words such as “Promiscuous way” instead of “easy way” or “commonly Kindled” to “regularly aroused”.

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