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Writing something original is hard enough, and many people think that it must be easiest to have a piece of text that you simply have to rewrite content automatically. However, the fact is that many people struggle even more with writing on a similar topic than with original writing. This is because with rewriting content instead of simply saying something, you have to find a different way to say something, and it’s likely that the most straightforward or direct way is already taken. We’ve provided some examples to help you see how it’s done.

Following how to rewrite content samples makes good practice in case you need to figure out how it actually works. However, you can’t just change the wording in the paragraph with some content rewriter software and hope it is plagiarism-free. Always proofread it yourself and check with a reliable plagiarism checker or just send a request to us!

Best Examples

Original: The Wolverines were struggling out of the gate to get their offense together and to find a way to slow down the formidable Texas offense. They missed a lot of shots early and they weren’t getting the ball movement that their coach was looking for, but as the game progressed they started to stretch out the defense and get more penetration into the key, which ultimately allowed them to make some more perimeter shots and open up a lead that Texas couldn’t overcome.
Rewritten: A bad start and poor ball movement held the Wolverines back in the opening minutes of the game, and it looked like the offense wouldn’t be able to match that of Texas, however over time they managed to find the holes in the defense more effectively. With their big men finding seams inside and their guards shooting with pinpoint accuracy from deep, they ended up overcoming Texas with sheer firepower.

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This Task Doesn’t Have to Be Too Tough!

The above example of a sports article excerpt shows that there are many different ways to communicate the same thing and content rewrite. If you know the facts, or if you know what the author intended with the original article, then you can write it perfectly in various different ways, like in the sample above. It’s all about finding the meaning and intention of each individual sentence, and then recreating this how best you can. Overall as long as the full passage accurately reflects the original article, you can move words between sentences. See how to rewrite content with us!

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