A Guide How to Rewrite Sentences

how to rewrite a sentence guide

How to Rewrite Sentences Steps

In rewriting sentences, there are guides on how to rewrite a sentence that you can follow so that whenever you do not know what you will do, you can rely on the guide and follow it accordingly. It will be your one stop solution to learn more and know what you should do:

  • Synonym replacement: It is advisable that in rewriting, you need to think of synonym of another word to make original output. It is better to use it instead of using the same word or else you constitute plagiarism.
  • Reorder: If sentences are separated by commas, it is better when you change the words; however, keep in mind that you should reorder it when it is keywords or words that cannot be replaced by a synonym.
  • Replace it with adverbs or prepositions: Prepositions and adverbs are easy to rewrite. With it, you will not have such a hard time but be sure that you know about it.
  • Make sentences shorter: If sentences are short, it is hard to rewrite but if the sentences are long, you can turn in to shorter sentences that contain keywords or technical terms that cannot be substituted. Ensure that you use appropriate words for it to become unique and original.
  • Break up long sentences: This guide works effectively especially to long sentences. For a source with a long run on sentences, you can cut it in half and make it to two sentences but don’t forget that you should use other words with same meaning.
  • Reverse order of sentence: This means that you need to switch the beginning as well as the ending of sentences. This step is easy to do and you can make it completely.

The Do’s and Don’ts: How to Write a Sentence?

The Do’s:

  • Be yourself and relatable: Your content is what attracts them in whilst your personality, or your voice in writing, is what’s going to hold them there. What sets bloggers apart from newspaper article feeds is a voice. Let your readers get to realize you.
  • Find your cognizance: Who are your goal readers? Once that’s settled, you may domestic in on a niche category. To try this, you must first ask yourself this query.
  • Include photographs: Order this kit of writing sources at a particularly discounted rate Nowadays! Not all posts, for example, will lend themselves to a picture, however, once they do, take gain of it. Here’s some advice on locating free online photos that you could use. While readers come on your blog for data and personality, they also need to be inspired visually.
  • Respond to content remarks: Not all remarks want a reaction, however, make certain to respond to ones that do. This is an opportunity to connect without delay with the folks who are analyzing your work.


  • Trying anything new or doing any experiments as a beginner.
  • Writing the long paragraphs with meaningful content.
  • Making the mistakes of grammar or typos. The mistakes in punctuation symbols and other related issues are not acceptable at all.
  • Limiting the word count.
  • Setting up unrealistic objectives.
  • Avoiding to learn how to rewrite sentences.

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