6 Unexpected Effects of Plagiarism on Your Academic Career

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Plagiarism at Present Time

With the increase in number of people who’re involved in unlawful act like plagiarism, the amount of techniques and tools have also rose with it. Therefore, you have learn how to rewrite sentences and to think twice or even thrice before doing plagiarism intentionally.

There are 6 unexpected effects of plagiarism straight on your academic career.

  • Destroyed academic reputation: In case of being involved in activity of imitating other’s content, you can trap into serious problems. The reputation of any student doesn’t only destroyed but h/she may also become unable to get admission in any other institution. Time spent to rewrite a sentence is definitely worth your reputation!
  • Destroyed professional reputation: When you’d enter in the professional field, you would have to face a lot of troubles i.e. embarrassment when people shall ask about the issue.
  • Destroyed student reputation: As a student, the teachers as well as other pupils won’t want to accept you again to stay in the college/school. If your apology has been accepted, then your spoiled image would remain same in sight of others.
  • Expulsion: There are many institutions where plagiarism is considered as a crime and students are expelled straight after being proved to be involved in such actions.
  • A dark future: In case of dismissal from the institution, the student may face a lot of trouble in getting admission in other institution. H/she also confront major issues while searching for a job.
  • No learning: Being involved in an unlawful and unethical act can be forgettable. But the major loss is of not learning what should’ve done. It means that you won’t have adequate knowledge and less capability to work as an employee of an organization in the future.

Real Life Examples of Plagiarism

Plagiarism isn’t limited to the schools or colleges/universities. It is also done by many renowned personalities. Have a look at some real life examples of plagiarism.

  • The famous writer Jonah Lehrer was found a plagiarism attempter because of using exact quotes from other books and doing self-plagiarizing on numerous occasions. This was the nightmare for Jonah and badly affected her career as well.
  • The winner of Pulitzer Prize in the year 1995 was a famous historian Doris Kearn Goodwin. He had written a famous book in the year 1987 in which many copied portions were found that forced people to throw her out from Newshour TV Show as the guest celebrity.
  • Copying three phrases from Wikipedia into an essay, a student of Ohio University was expelled recently.

All of these examples show that plagiarism can destroy your whole life after affecting the educational and then professional career. Therefore, it’s better to stay away of it and learn how to avoid plagiarism detection.

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