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paraphrasing samplesThere are plenty of things out there that are easier to learn by seeing them in action than by giving intricate or complex directions, and paraphrasing is one of them. Paraphrasing can seem simple until you have to attempt to paraphrase something complex or intricate, and that’s what makes rewriting articles such a challenge. Using specialized or technical jargon makes it tougher to reword something or find a way to say something in a different way, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’ve provided a paraphrase sample below of a scientific document to give you an example.

Scientific Paraphrasing

Original: There are several contributing factors to the crisis of water levels and wildlife dispersion in the Everglades. For years the presence of agricultural areas around the Everglades has led to runoff of harmful chemicals like phosphorous as well as fertilizers which have been very detrimental to wildlife and migration patterns. The other biggest problem has been the usage of the Everglades as a water source for the surrounding municipalities, diverting traditional waterways which has upset wildlife as well as fundamentally changed the chemical composition and the function of basic plant enablers.
Paraphrased: Multiple elements have led to the current detrimental consequences of water level as well as the displacement of wildlife in the Everglades. One of the most important causes is the surrounding agricultural areas which were deemed to certain farmers at the advent of the Everglades. Poorly circulating waterways have led to agricultural runoff and deadly fertilizers including detrimental chemicals like phosphorous have been harming various different wildlife. The usage of the Everglades for commercial waterway has also caused dams to reflow the Everglades which have upset ancient paths migration and introduced harmful factors into plant enabling compounds.

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Professional Paraphrasing Samples

paraphrase sampleLike many of our rewriting samples involving scientific documents, it’s all about finding the terms that can’t be avoided, and the reformulating your content around them to make sure that you don’t repeat too much but don’t lose any of the original content. It may require a little creativity, but with the right awareness of how to do it it’s easy!

With the right tools and knowledge you can accurately paraphrase scientific content!
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