Rewriting to Avoid Plagiarism: 5 Things You Might Have Done Wrong

rewriting plagiarized content

Rewriting is one of the best ways you can produce quality content. Some may do it loosely and some do it with utmost care and effort. Why? What is there with rewrites that make them so awesome? It turns out, all the information you have gathered comes from this. It is only natural for you to rewrite to avoid plagiarism. However, you might be doing rewrite website content incorrectly.

Plagiarism and rewriting are two sides of the same coin. But, the former must be avoided at all costs. When you are rewriting plagiarized content, you play with fire. You risk yourself of being burned while you do it. Still, there are ways you can improve your rewrite. For that, you should know the things you have been doing wrong. Identification of errors is the key to perfecting it.

Rewrite to Avoid Plagiarism: 5 Things Not to Do

Read below and see the 5 mistakes you may have been doing and how to avoid plagiarism in writing:

You copied it – word for word

If there is any more dangerous than “copy – paste” it is copying the article word for word. This very dangerous mistake can take you to court. All of it happens at the moment people notice what you do instead of quality rewriting services or paraphrase the text yourself. Of course, if you get discovered, you immediately lose credibility. As such, a different approach is needed to make the rewrite plagiarism free. For example:

“The bird is on the loose.”

You do not say the same thing with the same words. As much as possible, rewrite my text with synonyms which still has the same thought with the original line or content.

“He got away”

The reason that this is a better rewrite text because the person reading this will not notice any kind of plagiarism. Every aspect of the original content is gone. That is the reason why it works.

Here are some other tips in rewording. Follow them completely and produce a plagiarism-free write-up:

  • Use synonyms of the keywords.
  • Understand the idea of the sentence before you do it.
  • Use more powerful words than the original source.

You did not attribute it to the owner

Situations arise where you do not have enough to go on. Your source presents the idea perfectly. This prompts you to use the same wording, sentences, and paragraphs to say the thought. You may use quotation marks. However, never forget to attribute it to the person who you got the information from. It may be a link to the site, it may also be their name and university. Knowing how to attribute your sources when rewriting website content is like knowing how to say thank you.

“’Time is Gold’ that is why you should learn today”

“You should learn today for the old saying goes: “Time is Gold”

Even if you were to quote ancient history, attribution is very important. Remember, saying that you got your ideas from a source does not make you less of a writer. It actually build your reputation up. Here are some attribution tips you can follow to do it better:

  • Always have the name of the source. If not the name, then look for the site, the school, etc. Anything you can refer to as part of the original writer should do.
  • For scientific research, you should follow the different citations styles.
  • Don’t quote without attribution. To whom do you attribute it, then? This takes effect unless of course, you are giving an example.

Bad paraphrasing

Want to know what is the best way to avoid plagiarism? Remember bad rewording? This works in the same way that idea does. What happens here is that you copy a sentence or a paragraph. Yet, you fail to rearrange the words, change them, or even make any kind of changes. When it comes to phrases, it is very important that you avoid copying whole phrases and sentences from the website and blog post. Unless you are quoting, you are advices to avoid it completely. Take the example below:

“Daniel lived in fear. He started losing grip of reality. Never wanting to see the days of ‘morrow”

rewriting content mistakes

If you try to paraphrase this passage, you need to eliminate all likeness of the sentence of phrase. If you were to paraphrase this completely, you will end up with this:

“Daniel was terrified and lost his mind. As a result, he did not want to last another day.”

The greatest tip here is to get the idea of the passage. Take it and say it in your own words, however, do not change the meaning of the words. Once you do, you remove all the possibilities of plagiarism coming your way. Here are some more tips for better paraphrasing:

  • If you were to copy a paragraph, paste it and work below it. This way, you can compare what you are writing and what your source is. After rewriting the whole paragraph, you should then see if you have any passages that resemble the original one closely.
  • Again, get the idea first. Once you master this, you can even get the idea from several paragraphs and condense them into a single paragraph.

You did not add things from yourself

You need to add more things to the source for you to be able to make it your own. Otherwise, they’re better off reading the original article. In this case, you should try to add more ideas to the content you are making. This makes your content better and more interesting. There has to be something new. As such, here some tips to keep your ideas fresh.

  • You can just add a link to the site if you want it that way. One avoids all unnecessary attention and space wastage. Get on to the point immediately.
  • You can dispute, support, or even debate the person who you based your information from.

You did not get the idea of the whole content

Sometimes rewriters tend to misquote a person. Some of these are even deliberately done. Either this is a way to shoot down competitors or to make themselves instantly famous, nobody knows. You have to understand what the source is. This way, when you use an article rewriter online, quote, paraphrase, attribute, and link it to your content, you hit the correct spots. Here are some reminders to keep in mind:

  • People hate being misled. If you cannot understand what you read, read it again.
  • Don’t bash other people’s content. It is okay to dispute but never make them look seriously bad.
  • Respect other writers. The only you get the respect you want is by assuring that you respect theirs.

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Plagiarism by Renowned Personalities

Copying or stealing someone’s content is considered as the unlawful act so you better learn how to rewrite a paragraph without plagiarism. There are many well-known people who guide others and stop them from being involved in illegal activities. But what do we say when such people also rely on copying other’s content and publish it without any reluctance?

Have a look at few greatest people who didn’t rewrite plagiarism without thinking twice.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.: Many people are aware of the Martin Luther King Jr who brought a major change in America and won a Nobel Prize as well. When he was pursuing his doctorate at Boston university, the few portions of his thesis paper was found copied. He used plagiarized content from the research papers of other authors.
  • Jayson Blair: A reporter and rising star in journalism from New York is none other than Jayson Blair. He was also a writer and editor for a newspaper and did rewriting articles for money himself. Among his articles, 36 out of 73 had plagiarized content. This news had spread like hell fire and his name has been used as the synonymous with the phrase plagiarism.
  • Lloyd Brown: The editorial page editor of Florida Times Union was Lloyd Brown. Dating back to 1996, it was revealed that there were 3 incidents of plagiarism and lack of proper attribution in many instances of his written material.
  • Kaavya Viswanath: The Harvard student in the batch of 2006 had got great popularity by her first book. The book was ‘How Opal Mehta got kissed, got a Life and Got Wild”. After few years, many allegations began to spread that their text has a lot of plagiarized text. The few portions of copied content badly affected her career, but she didn’t do any re-writing.
  • Maureen Dowd: The famous columnist of New York Times who wrote numerous columns to the date. This lady didn’t bother herself with detailed rewriting to avoid plagiarism. There was an article written by her about Talking Points Memo Site that has many portions of plagiarized content. This was a minor plagiarized content that hadn’t any impact on Maureen’s career. She continued to write articles for the newspaper. No other action was taken against Maureen as she was scolded publicly by their editor and was appended with the correction. She was an established journalist and faced minor incidents of plagiarism that are not usually career-killers. There is another personality known Fareed Zakaria who faced similar issue without any negative impact on their career.

reword a sentence online

The Bottom Line – Variety of Factors to Reword a Sentence

The well-known scandals of current times depends on numerous factors if the famous personalities caught by doing this. This can kill a career and can be a serious offense for such people as well. So consider rewrite paragraph online to avoid all these problems.

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