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If you haven’t heard of Ernest Hemingway then stop and look for him now. As you know, he remains one of the best novelists, short story writer out there. All his works are great examples of paraphrasing, rewriting, and other kinds of revisions. This means many people idolize him and become online content rewriter. Some even use his works as a basis for their own. That is how famous Ernest Hemingway is. Wouldn’t you like to be like him?

Even the experts depend on the techniques Hemingway presented. You will see our team employ these techniques when you ask rewrite my content on our offices and email. Before you do, read on and see how to rewrite a story in your own words like a master. You can be the next Hemingway with these rewriting script tips so make sure to take notes.

How to Rewrite a Story in Your Own Words?

Tip 1: Get the whole idea of the story

Before you start writing and rendering, it is important that you understand the idea and theme of the story. Reading the whole story cannot be discounted. This means you have to invest time to learn the ins and outs of the story yourself. This way, even if you lose the copy or set it aside, you can rewrite my text without fail.

One good technique is to keep an outline of the story. Write down the basic structure. Fill out the introduction, the settings, the characters and their descriptions, the plot, the climax, the twists, denouement and the like. Doing this will make it easier for you to rewrite sentences in your own words. Keep it in your mind. You should keep track of what you write. Having an outline makes you see what you need to work towards.

Tip 2: Divide the work into sections

The reason you do this is to make the work easier. As you outline the story, you can follow the different points to rewrite paragraph in own words better. Don’t try to rewrite it as a whole or you’ll mix everything up. This also gives you a better focus on what to write and what to improve.

If the story is divided into chapters, then rewrite per chapter. Just get the whole idea and present it in the best order possible. Not only do you make it easy for yourself to rewrite, you also make it easy for the reader to understand what you did. Again, don’t make something simple very hard.

Tip 3: Stop, look, and rewrite

Of course, you need to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism. However, never rush a rewrite. It’ll end up with bad quality if you do. If you’re tired, stop and look at it in a different way. Since you already have an idea of how the story goes, you should be able to tell it in a different perspective. Consider the views of the other characters. How do they see the story? How do they fit in it? These are some of the most important things to note.

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When you rewrite a story from a different point of view, you will encounter moments where you will surely be stumped. Don’t worry, that happens to everyone. Take a rest. For every 50 minutes to an hour of writing, it is good to relax and refresh your mind for ten minutes. This allows you to clear your mind and get it to work better for the next round.

You can also have other people look at your work while you rest. This will give you better insight and a new perspective. What you cannot see in your story may be discovered in other people. So, go ahead and ask them to read yours.

Tip 4: Don’t expect to get it right the first time

Even the great Ernest Hemingway said that “The first draft is always sh*t.” As long as you have the outline in mind, you can still lead the way on how to rewrite content step-by-step. The first draft represents the backbone of your story. As you continue, you will have flashes in your imagination that will help you make it better.

The next time you notice that your first draft looks like garbage, don’t lose heart. Most novelists and writers experience this, too. You should focus on putting the different elements of the story in the first draft. When you finish, this is the time where you should choose the correct words. This is also the moment where you express everything better. No one gets it right the first time. If they do, they’ll probably change it, too.

Tip 5: Read it to yourself

The only way you can determine if you wrote it perfectly is if you read it aloud. When you do read it aloud, make sure you note the places where you feel awkward. Also, pin down the parts of the story you did not understand as well if there is a character change on the story. This will make it easier when you do another drafting.

When you read it to others, you also get their reactions. Find out what they did not understand so that you can work on it. This way, you get their unwarranted reactions. Of course, ask for their honest opinions before you go reading it out loud.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you rewrite a whole story, you have to follow the tips for rewriting a story. You should also follow the tips below to make sure you make the best story rewrite.

  • Use the outline to your advantage.
  • Use powerful synonyms. Never use the same exact word more than once in a passage.
  • Eliminate wordiness. The shorter your rewrite is, the better you can convey your story.
  • Don’t be weak. Use powerful words and phrases that capture the essence of the scene.

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