Reword a Document: What Does This Actually Mean?

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Why Do You Need to Know How to Rewrite a Document?

Rewriting or as it is more accurately known as paraphrasing is the act of rewording a document so that it still has the same message but it is said in completely different words. This is done for many different reasons such as to make a document that you like unique to you and free from plagiarism through to simplifying something that was overly complex.

But trying to convert simple English to professional English to improve a report or simply rewriting your web pages to make them more effective is not a simple task. Most people find that they end up repeating much of the original wording or they will fail to get across all of the points that were raised within the original. Many will even add their own interpretations and other information that is simply not required.

This is why many people need support with their rewriting, whether it is in the form of physical support to do the work or from guidance as to how to conduct their rewriting. Our services have been around for more than 5 years and can provide you with all of the professional support that you need to ensure that your rewriting can be done perfectly. We do all kind of tasks, rewrite books or whole paragraph – it doesn`t matter, we`ll do everything perfectly.

What Sorts of Documents Need to Be Rewritten and Why?

Documents come in all shapes and sizes and vary in length from just a few lines or paragraphs through to huge tomes of information. Many times, however, we would like to rewrite these documents. Often the reason is to be able to use information elsewhere without having any issues with plagiarism while at other times we will want to improve or even aim for the simplification of what has been written to make it more appropriate for our intended audience. Rewriting can involve large amounts of text or may simply be to upgrade forms and templates to make fields and areas of activity more relevant and easier to understand.

The following are a few of the documents that you may wish to have rewritten:

  • Business reports
  • Academic papers and articles
  • E-books
  • Sales brochures
  • Research documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Sales letters
  • Web pages and websites
  • Form templates

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Styles of Writing

Often you will want to aim for a different audience when rewriting. You may want to translate simple English to complex English for a business report to make it more suitable for impressing the bank for instance. Alternatively, you may want to take a complex piece of scientific writing and simplify it so that it is understandable by a lay person. Modifying the style that the document is written in may also be necessary to make the document more suitable for your intended audience.

The following are the main styles that are used within writing:

  • Expository writing: this style of writing is used to explain something. It is usually factual in nature but will not contain personal opinions. It is usually supported with facts and figures and will have a very logical sequence. This style of writing is perfect for business and scientific writing as well as how to articles and textbooks.
  • Descriptive writing: as the name suggests this style of writing concentrates on describing something such as a place, a product or even a person. This style of writing is perfect for creating a product description; often by rewriting a more factual list of features that apply to it.
  • Persuasive writing: this style of writing has the aim of convincing the reader to your point of view or to take a suggested action. Unlike expository writing which will state the facts, a piece of persuasive writing will contain the opinions and biases of the writer. This style of writing is often used for sales documentation, advertisements, and opinion pieces.
  • Narrative writing: this is what many people think of as storytelling, either fictional or nonfiction. It will typically contain characters and feature a dialogue. This sort of writing is suitable for stories, novels, and biographies.
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How to Reword a Document

Rewording is not too difficult if you are able to fully understand the document that you wish to rewrite. To make this process easier you may use a reword documents guide. Paraphrasing is very much about understanding and should never be approached as a process in which you simply swap words around in order and change them for synonyms. Paraphrasing is much more like translation where you will seek to repeat meaning in your own language.

The following advice from our expert document reworder will provide you with all of the help that you need to be able to rewrite your documents to a high standard:

  • Identify your target audience and purpose to define the style of the writing that you will perform. If you don’t understand the purpose of the text you are rewriting you will not be able to rewrite it successfully:
    • Are you seeking to simplify, improve, target a different audience, or make plagiarism free?
    • Is your audience children, academics, professionals, or everyday people?
  • Read the source text several times to ensure that you fully understand exactly what it says and implies.
  • Make notes of all of the many points that are raised within the source using your own unique words.
  • Reorder the notes that you have in a logical order for your purpose and audience; this may be completely different to the source.
  • Rewrite the text using only your notes as a reference.
  • Compare the two texts and rewrite any sections in which you have inadvertently copied any of the original writing.
  • Proofread everything that you have written to ensure that you have no errors of spelling or grammar.

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Our Document Rewriter Can Help You

Not only is rewording documents difficult it is also highly time-consuming. This is why many will want to make use of our professional rewriting services. We can provide you with support for all types of documents from academic papers through to product descriptions. All of the help that we offer delivered through a document rewriter that will be highly skilled and experienced in the form of rewriting that you need as well as holding a relevant post-graduate degree.

All of our services will always be delivered on time within your agreed time limit and are covered by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Make use of our fully confidential and affordable services to reword a document to ensure that your rewriting is done quickly and accurately today!
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