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Would You Benefit from a CV Rewrite?

If you are applying for lots of positions and you are not being invited for an interview or if your CV is not attracting attention on any of the job sites that you have posted it on then it may be time for a CV rewrite. Too often we fail to ensure that our CVs or Resumes are well enough written to attract the attention of a recruiter.

A recruiter will only spend a very short amount of time skimming through your CV and if what they are looking for does not jump out and hit them immediately you are going to be overlooked. It is vital that you regularly rewrite CV pages and that you tailor them very carefully for the jobs that you are applying to.

How to Do a CV Rewrite

Rewriting your CV does not have to be an arduous task if you follow some very simple tips and hints to get it just right. Our tips will help you to ensure that your CV is going to get you the attention that you are looking for:

  • Who are you writing for? Your CV is about you and what you can offer the company that you are applying to. So for the very best results always review precisely what the company is looking for from their advert and website and ensure that you fully reflect their needs in your CV. Put the most important requirements first in each section so they see those first.
  • Show what you have achieved; A list of responsibilities held for a position does not tell the recruiter how good you are at your job. You need to list what you have actually achieved within your employment.
  • Show precisely what you achieved; Use clear simple examples of rewriting to show what you have achieved and where possible provide figures. If you have made savings it is far better if you can actually state the dollar value so that the recruiter can see your potential worth.
  • Use keywords; if your resume is to sit on a job site then you need to ensure that recruiters are going to find you. This means ensuring that you use the keywords that they will use to search within your resume. So if you are looking for a job as a “Quality Manager” ensure that you use it within your CV so that it gets found.
  • Don’t clutter your CV; the aim of your CV is to gain you an interview so that the recruiter can find out more about you and your suitability for the job. Your CV, therefore, needs to contain enough to get their attention and show that you match their requirements. Filling your CV with lots of additional un-required information will likely hide the information that they are looking for.
  • White space draws the eyes; clear white space before the start of a CV section will help draw the recruiter’s eyes directly to the information that you want them to see. Carefully format your CV to get the information presented clearly and quickly to the reader.
  • Avoid mistakes; a simple spelling mistake can give the impression that you are not really serious about gaining the position; ensure that you carefully proofread your CV several times to avoid any possible errors.

Professional BEFORE & AFTER CV Rewrite Sample

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resume rewriting sample original
resume rewriting example

Useful Tips to Help You Rewrite Your CV

It is competitive to land a good job in today’s market and you need every additional advantage to tilt things in your favor. The following tips can be used to help make your rewritten CV more effective:

  • Tailor your CV to the specific job for maximum effectiveness
  • Use bullet points as opposed to complete sentences in your CV
  • Make sure you send the CV to the right person and the right company. You would be surprised how often the wrong names are used for both
  • Use numbers to back up accomplishments. Employers like to see achievements quantified. How much money was saved? How much were sales increased?
  • Make good use of white space. White space around text and between sections makes the CV easier to scan and is also visually appealing.

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