Plagiarism in College: Who Cheat More Boys or Girls?

plagiarism in college statistics

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Plagiarism Nowadays

There is no doubt that drastic increase in plagiarism is raising many questions on the credibility of institutions. It is the major responsibility of teachers to stop students from such unethical actions and catch them red-handed by giving serious punishments. There are many studies conducted to find the rate of plagiarism with the stats of males and females (engaged to the usage of article re writer instead of creating totally original papers and essays themselves). Most of the studies have a clear view after surveying in different colleges. Have a look at this research conducted by University of Balearic Islands.

Plagiarism in School and Other Educational Institutions – a Fact-Based Research

This study was conducted to get results about ‘the relationship of gender and procrastination with the plagiarism’ among secondary school pupils. The number of students who’d been surveyed was 1,503. The results have shown unbelievable results. According to the study, students that tend to leave work until the last moment have higher chances to copy other’s content by using an essay rewriter and boys tend to commit plagiarism significantly higher than another gender. The rate of direct plagiarism without making 1% of modification was 81.3% pupils. However, the students who copied fragments of printed sources are 72.5% in number. The reduction and prevention of this type academic fraud (plagiarism in school) is important to tackle with decisive measures through a proper well-developed plan.

Examples of Plagiarism in College

There are still many students who think that they are smarter than their professors. But what about the advanced online tools and programs and examples of paraphrasing which can unveil their actual deeds in front of everyone? There are few best examples of plagiarism in college that may force you to think twice before relying on the submitted assignment of your students.

  • Nicholas Johnson: A student of UA College has been recently caught of committing plagiarism multiple times. The 20% of his conference paper related to the research project was copied. Unfortunately, the college hadn’t taken any action against him by ruling no plagiarism occurred in that instance.
  • Ohio University’s Student: Recently, a student of Ohio University had been expelled from the institution by the principal because of copying mere three words from Wikipedia into an essay. This was a strict action and must be taken by all the colleges and universities to keep students away from this dishonest act. The whole career of that student was destroyed with such a little mistakes. Therefore, it is said that you should check the uniqueness of your content before submission. It will be very helpful for the approval and acceptance of your assignment.

Many of us have seen live stories of plagiarism in college but with rare strict actions against pupils who committed it. Let’s read few plagiarism facts and examples done by both boys and girls!
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