How to Rewrite Resume for Career Changing

Rewrite Resume for Career Change

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It is not uncommon for some professionals at some point in their career to decide they would like to change the field in which they work. Some may return to school but in many cases a professional may change fields with little or no additional training. This is often accomplished because of transferable skills they possess. This sort of career switch also requires a resume rewrite to convince employers in your new career field to hire you, without prior experience in that particular area.

Tips for Rewriting Your Resume for a Career Change

Changing career fields means that many of your old skills will be of little use. However not all of your previous work experience will be useless. Here are some tips that can help you with your resume rewrite for a career change:

  • Write a summary using the job description in your new field: The summary paragraph goes the top of your resume. Try and relate everything in the job description with things you have accomplished in the past. The first thing a hiring manager sees on your resume should tie directly to the job description you are applying for.
  • Clarify your career objectives: This doesn’t mean you will need to include an objective section. You can make it clear in the professional title on your resume and one sentence in your summary
  • Know what to leave out: Don’t include everything in your resume. If it isn’t relevant to the position you are applying for in some way then leave it out. Hobbies, clubs you are a member of and skills that aren’t relevant to the position applied for should be omitted.
  • Quantify accomplishments in your resume: Although coming from a different field hard numbers that reflect money saved, increased sales or anything else that can be quantified make it easier for potential employers to relate to your accomplishment
  • Include keywords in your resume: This will require a little research. You will need to find job postings similar to the type of job you want in your new field. Look for job descriptors and specific skills mentioned in the postings. This list of keywords should be compared to those you are familiar with in your previous career looking for those common to both to include in your resume.
  • Look for skills required in your new field that are similar to those used in your previous career. Any skills that are common to both should be included in those that you highlight in your rewritten resume. Types of skills that are likely to be found in both fields are those such as problem solving, strategic thinking, and people management just to name a few
  • Proofread your resume: This is one thing that never changes. Regardless of the field you are in, typos, spelling mistakes and other mechanical errors reflect badly on you. Make sure they have been completely eliminated from your resume.

The following is an example of a resume that has been rewritten for a career change:

Joan Doe

(999) 999-999

OBJECTIVE: Computer Programmer

An accounting professional with 7 years experience in bookkeeping and inventory control. Is a self-starter capable of working independently or as part of a team. Detail oriented with superb organizational skills. Possesses strong analytical and problem solving ability. Proficient in C+ Python and Java Script.

Professional Experience

Inventory Control Supervisor

  • Responsible for maintaining the appropriate level of materials to fulfill manufacturing requirements
  • Instrumental in implementing new computerized inventory software and adapting it to companies needs
  • Manage team of clerks and data entry personnel
  • Responsible for Inventory accounting and bookkeeping submitted to Accounting department monthly
  • Notable achievements
  • Through implementation of new software reduced required materials inventory levels resulting in increased output without increasing credit


Certificate in Java Script – Big Brains Online School of Programming

Certificate in Python – Big Brains Online School of Programming

Certificate in C + – Big Brains Online School of Programming

Bachelor of Science in Accounting – State University


If you want to get the best results, you can use rewriting services. Changing jobs to one in a new field means many of the applicants you are competing with will be more experienced. However if you rewrite resume documents in the right way you can still convince employers you are the best person for the job.

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