How to Rewrite My CV for Winning in Job Searching?

What Steps Are Involved For Me To Rewrite My CV?

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Your CV is a marketing document. Its purpose is to help you obtain job interviews when you are seeking employment. If your CV isn’t getting you any interviews or it has been a while since you have used it, most likely it is time for a rewrite. The following are the basic steps involved in rewriting a CV:

  • Determine what skills and qualifications are required for the position you will be applying for. The can usually be identified by reviewing the job listing for that particular position.
  • Profile section: This will be the first section in your CV aside from your name and contact information. This will be a brief summary skills and experience most relevant to those the position calls for. Include keywords and phrases from the job listing to hook the reader and interest them in learning more about you.
  • Provide your work history and education in reverse chronological order: Relatively recent graduates will want to place the education section before work history. Those with more experience should include work history first. Rewrite your work history so that achievements are highlighted. Use action verbs when describing accomplishments. This section can also include keywords from the job listing
  • If you don’t have one include a section for additional skills in the rewritten version of your CV. Things such as a second language may not be required for a position but could still be valued by an employer
  • An optional section may be added for interests and activities: There is some debate as to whether this should be included in a CV. If you opt for the section avoid topics such as religion or politics. Volunteer work is something that you would want to include. In general if it is something you can relate to the position include it. If not leave it out.
  • Proofread the rewritten CV. Typo, spelling mistakes and other mechanical errors will pretty much sink your chances of getting an interview.

These are the basic steps you will take to rewrite your CV. There are no hard and fast rules for what steps you must actually take but those included here have proven to be effective. But if you think it will take too much time you can order rewriting services.

Useful Tips to Help You Rewrite Your CV

It is competitive to land a good job in today’s market and you need every additional advantage to tilt things in your favor. The following tips can be used to help make your rewritten CV more effective:

  • Tailor your CV to the specific job for maximum effectiveness
  • Use bullet points as opposed to complete sentences in your CV
  • Make sure you send the CV to the right person and the right company. You would be surprised how often the wrong names are used for both
  • Use numbers to back up accomplishments. Employers like to see achievements quantified. How much money was saved? How much were sales increased?
  • Make good use of white space. White space around text and between sections makes the CV easier to scan and is also visually appealing.

For those who would like any last suggestions to “help rewrite my CV” a second and even third proofreading will never hurt and may be the one small thing that gives you the edge over the competition you need.

Do you still ask “who can rewrite my CV”? Just contact us now and be sure that your resume is perfect!
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