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paraphrasing samplesThere are plenty of things out there that are easier to learn by seeing them in action than by giving intricate or complex directions, and paraphrasing is one of them. Paraphrasing can seem simple until you have to attempt to paraphrase something complex or intricate, and that’s what makes rewriting articles such a challenge. Using specialized or technical jargon makes it tougher to reword something or find a way to say something in a different way, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’ve provided a paraphrase sample below of a scientific document to give you an example.


Original:Being disabled does not necessarily mean being confined to a wheel chair. Those in wheel chairs are classified, in most cases, as disabled, but there are other forms of disabilities. If you are classified as disabled, there is a good chance that you may be unable to work. There are a number of disabilities that can limit a person’s ability to perform. In addition your performance ability, you may also find it difficult to find a job. Unfortunately, even though this shouldn’t be happening it is. Instead of trying to find a job working for someone else, you are advised to be your own boss.
If you are interested in becoming your own boss, there are a number of different ways that you can go about making money. Many of those ways involve the use of the internet and working from home. This is why you and other disabled individuals may enjoy starting your own business or participating in an existing business opportunity, all because you can work from home. Working from home will not only allow you save money on travel expenses, but depending on your disability, it may eliminate the hassle of getting to and from work.
One of the many money making opportunities you will find online involves the buying of private label resell rights. Resell rights can be obtained for a number of different products. These products may include software programs, a mass collection of content articles, or e-books. Of course, you can choose any product that you want, but you may seriously want to think about purchasing the resell rights to software programs. Many software programs are needed by everyday individuals, large companies, and small business owners. The popularity of most software programs should enable you to make more money, when it comes to reselling private label software.
To get started making money with private label resell rights, for software programs, you will need to find an individual to do business with. In most cases, you will find that the individual you are doing business with was the original creator of the software program. Most of these software designers and developers do not have the time or the knowledge needed to sell their own products, therefore, they rely on someone just like you. They do this by selling you the resell rights to their software programs or other software products.
If you are able to financially afford the cost of purchasing software resell rights, you are encouraged to take part in this amazing opportunity, even if you only give it a chance. For many with a disability, this is the perfect way to make money. To make money with private label resell rights, you must sell your newly acquired product. There are a number of different ways that you can do about doing this. It is likely that you will find that many of these selling methods require a small amount of time and a small amount of effort.
Popular software selling methods include the creating of a product website, the use of online classified ads, the use of local classified ads, and the use of online auction websites. If properly used, all of these methods may be able to help you generate sales for the software program, which you legally obtained the rights to. Despite the fact that these selling methods are typically successful, it does not guarantee that you fill find that same success.
Whether you are confined to a wheel chair, unable to socialize well with others, or unable to work long hours at time, you may be able to make a substantial amount of money selling private label software. Hundreds of disabled individuals have found success with this type of business opportunity and now you can too.
Paraphrased:A disabled individual is not necessarily a person confined to the wheelchair. No doubt, individuals confined to the wheelchair are classified as disable, but other kinds of disability abound. There is a good possibility that when you are classified as disable, your ability to work becomes limited. A number of disabilities are capable of limiting an individual’s ability to perform. Furthermore, because of your limited performance ability, you may find it difficult to land a job. Sad to say that these kinds of things do happen even though they are not supposed to, they still do happen always. Rather than trying every time to secure a job working for other people, it may be advisable for you to be your own boss.
In case you have interest of becoming self-employed and your own boss, there are different ways you can make money. A lot of these methods call for the use of the internet and operating from home. This method provides you and other individuals with disability, ways of putting up your own business or being part of a current business opportunity, due to the fact that you can work from home. Operating from home will help you to save on travel expenses and eliminate that hassle disabled people faced commuting to and from their workplace.
Among the money making opportunities awaiting you online is that of purchasing private label resell rights which make it possible for you to avail of a number of different products. Software programs and content articles in bulk collection, or e-books make up these products. You can, certainly, select any product you desire. You may completely contemplate buying the resell rights to software programs. Individuals and large corporations, as well as small business owners need lots of software programs daily. The widespread use of most software programs should make it possible to make money, especially with regards to reselling private label software.
There is a need, in making money with private label resell rights when it comes to software programs, for you to seek out an individual with whom to do the business with. You will discover that in majority of the cases, the individual you are dealing with happens to be the one who original created the software programs. Majority of these software designers and developers lack the time or the knowledge required in putting up their own products for sale, forcing them to rely on other people like you. They accomplish this by having the resell rights to their software programs or other software products sold to you.
It you possess the ability to financial afford the purchasing cost of software resell rights, it is advisable to participate in this marvelous prospect, even for the sake of giving it a trial. This, for a lot of people with disability, is a perfect means of making money. You must generate sales with regards to your sell newly acquired product if you are to make money with private label resell rights. A number of ways abound that you can take in order to accomplish this. There is that likelihood of you discovering that lots of these selling techniques need certain amount of time and a little effort.
Creation of product website, use of online and local classified ads, as well as use of online auction websites are all widespread software selling methods. There is the possibility that all these methods, when applied properly, will assist you in generating sales for the software program that you gained the right to, legally. Notwithstanding the successful nature of these selling methods, there is no guarantee that you will also attain the same kind of success.
Regardless of the fact that of being confined to a wheelchair, or inability to socially mix with others, or work long hours in a stretch, you can still have the opportunity of making big bucks selling private label software. Disabled people, in their hundreds, have attained success by engaging in this type of business activity. What stops you form being one of them?

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