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example of paraphrasingWhen it comes to paraphrasing the key is to find creative ways to reformulate the same content. This doesn’t sound that tough, but it can be much tougher than you think. After all, it’s likely that the first form of the content that was written was the most straightforward and direct way, so you’ve got to have the skill and expertise to find ways to put it that don’t lose any of the original content but still communicate in an effective and concise way. We’ve provided a paraphrasing sample of how to do this before.

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Original: Dostoyevsky’s discussion of death and God is one of the primary focuses of The Brothers Karamazov. He expresses different positions and opinions on it through the different characters, particularly, of course, the brothers. Their varying perceptions of life, and subsequently the directions that they take in life and the paths that they follow, in many ways are his primary way of expressing the way that ideologies and values that you hold will have an integral impact on the direction that your life takes, and most importantly, even if you’re not aware of it.

Paraphrased: Religion and God make up important components of The Brothers Karamazov’s complex thematic positions. Though Dostoyevsky deals with many different things, from social issues to philosophical, it always seems to boil down to these issues, and the paths that the characters follow are uniquely informed on their positions in this discussion. He makes an important point of the fact that these characters aren’t always knowledgeable about how their positions in this matter affect their future and path, but inexorably it does.

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