7 No-Fuss Ways of Rewriting a Story

writing and rewriting tipsWhen it comes to rewriting a story into which you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears, it’s difficult to know where to start especially if you need avoiding plagiarism. We offer a unique rewriting service powered by some of the best minds in the business. There’s no need to stick to rehashing old archetypes in the same stale way when you can learn from those in the know. Here are 7 ways to make rewriting your story a real breeze.

What Are the Best Ways to Rewrite My Story?

Our top-rated experts are often called to complete a task with a simple request, “rewrite my story” and you need to know how to rewrite a paper. There are so many ways of rewriting stories of various kinds, and our writers have plenty of experience in all manner of editing processes from simple grammar checks all the way up to complete rewrites.

Whether you have a vague desire to rewrite your text or you know precisely what needs to be done, hire one of our bright and proactive professionals to rewrite story texts of all sorts. To get you started, here are 7 of their top tips.

Adopting a fresh perspective

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The first thing to do when thinking about how to rewrite a story you’ve written is to separate yourself emotionally and intellectually from the text. Your meanings are clear to you as their originator, but your reader won’t necessarily pick up on your intentions. Sometimes it is worth to try and think creatively, for example, you may paraphrase a poem or include several allegories and metaphors in your essay.

The most common way of approaching the text with a fresh set of eyes is to wait for a little bit, work on something else and come back to your story later. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this, it would be ideal to hire a professional capable of rewriting your story for you. That’s precisely what we offer at the lowest prices online.

Using the right voice

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It’s important to write with the proper tone to achieve the feeling you’re trying to evoke from your reader. If you’re writing a paragraph that conveys contextual information about the plot or scene, you’ll need to use an indirect kind of language to make it clear that this part isn’t about your characters as such.

As for speech and dialogs, you should aim to be more direct for the purpose of ramping up the drama. On the contrary, use an indirect approach to describe your character use of their voice. You can speak with one of our expert editors and learn by example about this tricky part of the rewriting process.

Employing mind mapping tools

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To ensure that your reader feels a certain way at a specific point in your story, you may need to go all the way back and rewrite storyboards and basic plot ideas. Isolate each scene and description on a separate piece of paper before you spread them out in front of you and think about what fits where.

You need to find the right pace and mood for your story. The best way to predict how this will pan out is to really analyze what’s going on within your text. Our writers unanimously agree that prior planning is the best way to write a great narrative and hiring their services will demonstrate exactly how to rewrite a story.

Don’t be boring

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Although it sounds blindingly obvious, this is something that is often ignored. It’s all too easy to use every excuse in the book when explaining why your story is boring. You might think that’s it’s just because you’ve written and rewritten it so extensively that you’re too intimately involved with the content to find it stimulating anymore.

This is a false conclusion in most cases. One of the best pieces of advice comes from the acclaimed writer Margot Livesey, who said: “If you’re bored, it’s not because you’ve read that section so many times, it’s because it’s boring”. Use a high-quality editor and rewriter to make sure your story hits all the right notes.

Purge your paragraphs


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When you’re writing an engaging story, it’s all about cutting the fat. Consider paragraphs as a whole before you touch individual sentences. Temporarily remove the beginning and ending paragraphs for each individual scene and see what has changed. Reinsert edited forms of only those paragraphs which absolutely must be there to make the story flow.

Make use of our highly skilled editors to learn where to trim the excess and where to preserve the vital parts of your story. Only then can you guarantee that you’re bringing your reader along in heart and mind.

Track your changes

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One of the easiest mistakes to make is one that even well-established authors get called out on it. This is the timeline error, where you mix up the order of events and throw the whole story out of whack. Rewrite article make unique content is extremely important, but what if you you confuse the order of the events or lose logical connections? If you’re writing on a computer, make sure your word processing program can track the changes you’ve made. If not, try to keep an eye on this point and proofread your work several times.

If you track your changes, you’ll see where you’ve gone wrong. An even more extreme approach is to save a new file each time you make a significant change. This is a tactic employed by all of the experts you hire with us, and you’ll never regret following this practice yourself.

Read your work out loud

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You might feel a little silly at first, but reading your story aloud is a wonderful way of working out whether your literary devices are doing what they should. You’ll more easily detect clauses and word choices that don’t sound quite right, and you’ll be in a position to change these for the better right away.

Our experienced professionals are highly adept at all the techniques used when rewriting a story. If you’re unfamiliar with how to rewrite your narrative, our experts, who also suggest resume rewording help, are ready and waiting to help you reach your potential. We are so confident in their immense abilities that we even offer a money back guarantee right from the get-go.

If you’re struggling with rewriting a story, hire an expert editor to get you through this rough patch. Make the right choice and get your story read by the best.

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