6 Golden Rules of Best Content Rewriter for Building an Original Article

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Coming up with a whole new article is hard enough. You can leave a rewrite my paper request, but what if you set yourself a challenge and want to cope with it on your own? Thinking of how you should find for the ideas to put in is even harder! You’d have to find great sources of information. This information should be unique and unheard of. People think this is what makes the article unique. Well, you can spend a whole day trying to find those sources and information. Or you could try to rewrite an existing article in your own words.

Very little differences between the article writer and the best content rewriter exist. Article writers do their best to come up with new information. They give all their effort to make it unique and one of a kind. But did you know that article writing is just the same as article rewriting? The only difference they have is when they write a fresh article without consulting others. In the end, the expertise still falls to the ability to re write articles into your own words.

If you really want to rewrite an article, it should be evident to you that rules exist. Here are 6 of the golden rules for content rewriting. Follow these to make sure you understand how to rewrite content in your own words.

A Foreword Before the Rules

Don’t think that just because you rewrite, you steal from someone. There are basic rules in rewriting texts so that your article doesn’t cross any lines for plagiarism. You should paraphrase, quote, or even give the sentence or the idea a whole new perspective.

After rewriting for a while, you won’t need to read other articles and material before you do them, anymore. Why? You will have built greater knowledge on a much larger array of topics. One such person can connect, add, subtract, or even emphasize some of the most important bits of an article he or she writes. Practising rewriting will show you that great article writers were all rewriters before. Subtly or obviously, they all went through the same stage.

Rule 1: Get the gist of the idea

Many writers make the mistake of copying a sentence or words entirely as they were. You should avoid doing this for this calls plagiarism flags. One should take the idea and say it in his or her own words. That means, no such sentence must be written. It means you have to explain the “idea” in your own words. Read the whole section and chapter first then proceed to rewriting it.

In essence, you make a 10-page article shrink down to a one page article. When you already have the idea, you should be able to use it as your own. Don’t rewrite the article per sentence or per paragraph. Get the gist of the idea and start explaining it on your own. This is part of the basic rewriting rules you can follow.

Rule 2: If you can’t rewrite, paraphrase and quote instead

There will be times where you can’t possible rewrite an article. Sometimes, you will want to capture the same striking effect the articles give. If you cannot rewrite, you can try sentence or paragraph rephrase. Basically, you say the passage in your own words. Then, you attribute it to the original writer or the person who said such a thing. This enables you to write articles with the same effect as the original.

You can also quote the people who said it. As long as you enclose the striking idea using quotation marks and attributions, you keep your article plagiarism free. This is one of the most important rewriting techniques to master.

Rule 3: Add your own

To rewrite articles successfully, you need to use your own words. This includes adding your own ideas to the articles. Simply rewriting cannot be enough. This prompts you to even question yourself, “what makes my article unique?” Well, if you simply rewrote the whole thing, you may have this issue upon yourself.

Don’t be afraid to add your own ideas. You may even dispute the original article if your client allows you to. This gives a whole new life to your article. One that is different from the other you just rewrote. People from our team know how to add facts and make your article outshine others. They can even give you article rewriting tips to follow!

Rule 4: Always aim to be the best content rewriter

You may feel that you write lacks substance and even essence. If you do feel this, you should start thinking of things to add. New facts, new information, empirical data, anything that can support your idea, you should definitely add. This makes you and the reader at ease with what you are trying to prove. Needless to say, you become more credible as you do it.

Rule 5: Focus on the task at hand

Do not be distracted by the required number of words. This also includes the number words and the other things you should put in the article. You can always finish trying to prove your point first before you give out the necessary details. This way, you give your idea the utmost focus. This makes the article more comprehensive and easy to understand.

Rule 6: Read your article and the source side-by-side

This is part of protecting yourself. You must try to see if the article you rewrote is not positive of plagiarism. To make that happen, you should follow the rules of paraphrasing and quoting. You should have the source article with you. Read yours aloud and see the bits where you sound just like your source. Identify and rewrite as needed.

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Some Tips for Rewriting Content

Here are some of the tips you can use for better rewriting. Make sure you follow them to ensure the greatest content:

  • Rewrite the ideas by paragraph. You can use this technique if you cannot get the whole idea immediately.
  • Don’t sound weak in your article. Avoid the use of the words “probably”, “most likely”, and other like words.
  • Always involve sentence rewording when you can.
  • If you can, always include the links you where you got the unique info.
  • Engage yourself with the readers. There is nothing more striking than being included in the article.

Don’t forget to always check for cases of plagiarism. You will have a great problem in your hands if this goes unchecked.

Choose the Best Content Rewriter to Get Satisfactory Results

Content paraphrasing can be done easily online. However, rewriting sentences written by different authors, shortening and mixing them up takes both time and effort. Therefore, it is better to choose the best way by checking the current reviews, ratings and direct feedback from the users. Always remember that paraphrasing isn’t a simple thing to do.
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If you’re not capable enough to reword your content, it is better to choose a firm that can deliver up-to-the-mark rewritten content. If you pay attention to the rewriting rules, it is clear that rewording is actually a bit difficult than simple article writing. You’ve to reword the given number of words by managing properly and create a draft with same word count. Taking it lightly won’t be suggested.

Don’t hesitate to ask the experts! Ask the best content rewriter from our team to write for you!

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